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Nigel Farage and 10 other famous faces that can't pull off a moustache

The former UKIP leader now has face caterpillar and it's creepy as hell

Nigel Farage and 10 other famous faces that can't pull off a moustache

He f*cked the country and didn't even buy it dinner, and now the former UKIP leader is trying out a new guise in the form of a patchy moustache.

Why has he done this you ask? Maybe he's following the current facial hair trend set by male model Ricki Hall. Maybe he actually feels a bit silly about that whole NHS bus debacle and is looking for a new identity. Whatever his intentions are, he really needs to stay away from ice cream vans and playgrounds while he has that fuzzy caterpillar crawling along his top lip.

He's not the only famous face to fail at facial hair though. Here are 10 other abominations that send shiver up and down our spines:

Michael Phelps

No amount of gold medals will justify this abomination.

James Franco

After filming The Interview, Kim Jong-Un must've had Franco shot with some sort of mind melting ray made from the blood of unicorns they say they have. Only explanation.

Michael Cera

Burn it.

Ryan Gosling

We'll never be able to watch Drive in the same way.

Michael Owen

He grew it for the great Movember cause, but from the looks on his face he obviously didn't truly realise how long a month was.

Ashton Kutcher

There's pain and sadness in those eyes.

John Travolta

After failing all his exams at Rydell High, Danny Zuko turned to a life of drugs, crime and poor facial hair choices.

Ian Beale

The iconic Eastenders character looks like an overly enthusiastic office manager crossed with a serial killer. Not a good look.

Jared Leto

How is it possible that he looks younger now at 44 than here in 1997? The answer: vampire. Or all that vegan bollocks he's going on about.

Channing Tatum

Channing you've got some chocolate milk on your top...oh wait, never mind.