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My Life. My Style. My Look: The Boxer

My Life. My Style. My Look: The Boxer

My Life. My Style. My Look: The Boxer
12 April 2017

Clothes are one of the most obvious ways we express ourselves – our style, mood, affiliations and even our jobs or hobbies. What we choose to wear directly influences other people’s first impressions of us. In recognition of this, New Look Men is celebrating self-expression through its new SS17 collection, championing people who promote their individuality and personality through fashion. This week we meet Muay Thai fighter Sanny Dahlbeck, whose stylish yet casual look suits his sports-oriented lifestyle.

My Life

I’m originally from Sweden, but lived in Spain when I was younger and Thai boxing was a hobby I would do after school to keep myself busy. I now do it professionally and at my level can compete three to five times a year, but I train every day whether it’s interval training, weightlifting or kicking pads. This has led to a sponsored_longform with New Look Men as an ambassador that relates to the brand.

My Style

The city where I live, Stockholm, is very laidback, which is ideal as my style is pretty relaxed, so even in my downtime - like when I’m sitting around at home playing the guitar - I like clothes that are stylish but casual. Obviously I train a lot, so shorts is my signature look. For a night out I’ll wear black jeans with a bright T–shirt and trainers.  

My Look

I like to combine style with function, and love that this sports range does this. This is what I’d wear for a workout – it looks great and feels fresh and comfortable. I like to layer up when I go running, so the jacket is perfect.

10 ways to work out in style





Bomber Jacket




Denim Jacket


Navy Jacket








Black ripped jeans