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This hangover-beating burger is being released on New Year’s Day only

Do not miss it

This hangover-beating burger is being released on New Year’s Day only
Tom Victor
21 December 2017

Whatever your plans for New Year’s Eve this year, you’re likely to wake up the following day with regret.

Maybe you’ve made the mistake of heading into central London to catch the fireworks, arriving nice and early with a bag of cans, and missing the countdown because you were so desperate for the toilet you couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Or perhaps you went to a stranger’s house party, got blackout drunk and turned to the nearest person to mouth off about how terrible the party was. Except that person was the host.

Whatever your mistakes, you’ll probably need something to sort your hangover, be it literal or metaphorical. Something like a burger so specifically designed for New Year’s Day hangovers that it’s not going to be available any other day.

You on the morning of 1 January

The London burger trend might have slowed lately, with other foods filling the gap, but some of the big hitters are absolutely here to stay.

Honest Burgers opened their first restaurant in Brixton in 2011 and now have more than 20 venues, most of them in the capital.

They made it onto our list of the best Christmas burgers of 2017, and their New Year’s day special is, appropriately, called ‘Hangover’.

Put simply, they’re the kind of people you’d probably trust to come up with a solid hangover cure, and you’d be right.

It contains *deep breath* beef, smoked bacon, double American cheese, hangover hash, fried egg, spinach, Bloody Mary ketchup and chipotle bacon gravy.

Oh, and it comes with rosemary-salted chips, because you’re going to need to eat literally as much food as you can. All for £12.95.

We’ve already given you all the advice you need about starting 2018 the right way, but why not add a delicious burger into the mix.

Also, if you stay out until noon the next day without sleeping then that ‘eat fewer burgers’ new year’s resolution doesn’t apply.

(Images: Honest Burgers/Rex)