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The new 'Venom' trailer is here and it's full of glorious symbiote action

Wow, that's a lorra Venom

The new 'Venom' trailer is here and it's full of glorious symbiote action
31 July 2018

We’ve had a good go at letting you in on all there is to know about the upcoming Venom movie, but so far we’ve only had a small glimpse of Hardy as the big monster himself. Lucky then, that now we’ve got a bigger, longer trailer and it’s absolutely chock-full of the titular beast - all snarling teeth and dripping gums, a real big-mouth, is Venom.

Let’s get you straight to the trailer, no faffing:

That’s a lot of (admittedly good) CGI action, there, isn’t it? We get to see Venom really letting loose - both through the medium of big black tendrils firing out of Tom Hardy’s back and arms, and also while he’s fully transformed, telling people how he’s going to turn them into turds, or something.

Dare we say… this looks good? Like, it could have gone either way, but hopefully they’re going in the right direction with this one - a violent one, basically. This looks nice and 15-rated, doesn’t it? Doubt we’ll be getting an 18 here, but we’re not going to be falling into 12A territory, either. A nice compromise we can all get behind.

If there’s one downside - and it is a HUGE one - it’s this: HOW ON EARTH IS VENOM ABLE TO PRONOUNCE ‘F’, ‘V’ AND ‘M’ SOUNDS WITHOUT HIS LIPS TOUCHING?

“Re, are, RENON” more like. Sheesh.

As well as Hardy, the film also stars Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze and Reid Scott, while Ruben Fleischer is in the big ol’ director’s chair, presumably avoiding large amounts of slime that will be constantly flying his way.

Venom is in cinemas 5 October 2018


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