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This terrifying new Netflix show will make you sleep with the lights on

This is our next horror obsession

This terrifying new Netflix show will make you sleep with the lights on

I am going to make a bet with you, if that’s OK. I am going to bet that: you like the television show Stranger Things.

I am going to bet under 10 quid on it, but I am going to bet it all the same. I will make a killing off this, I am excited.

This is because everybody loves Stranger Things, and as a result, all of a sudden everyone likes retro horror stuff about missing kids - do you reckon It would have done so well without Stranger Things? No, it wouldn’t, I guarantee it. 

So what’s your next horror obsession? What’s your next creepy Netflix series about a missing child? Your next binge-addiction that deals with a specific time period?

Well, it’s Dark, and you’re going to love it. Watch the spoooooooky trailer below:

In fear of ruining anything, I’ll keep the plot synopsis rather brief: children go missing and four families have to work out the truth, but obviously, all is not what it seems. It’s gonna get all twisty and turny, and it looks to also get a bit sci-fi and supernatural (like all the best stuff). We haven’t seen it yet, so can’t confirm, but that trailer certainly gives you the impression that it’s gonna get weird up in here.

It’s coming straight from Germany and the producers behind the acclaimed 2006 drama The Lives Of Others, so it’s not a bunch of amateurs behind this one, thank goodness. Colour us excited. Colour us extremely excited.

Good old Netflix, what would we do without you? We would have friends, that’s what we would do. Thank you for getting rid of them for us.

(Image: Netflix)