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An awesome new MacBook Pro is in the works

It could be shown off this September

An awesome new MacBook Pro is in the works

Been fancying a new upgrade for your four-year-old MacBook Pro?

You might want to give it a couple of months - Apple is expected to reveal a new Pro offering this September. 

It's a pro Pro

Bloomberg has word from sources "familiar with the matter" that Apple is set to improve on the current build of the MacBook Pro, in addition to adding new functions. 

What are the minor improvements?

Thinner, smaller, faster - these are the minor tweaks coming to the new MacBook Pro:

  • The overall design will be thinner, lighter and not wedge-shaped
  • Those black bezels around the screen are going to be smaller, reducing the overall footprint of the device
  • The pressure-sensitive track pad will be wider
  • It will feature USB-C type ports - better for charging and transferring data at faster rates

What are the major changes?

Apple is apparently hoping that these major changes to their MacBook Pro will help boost sales of the top-of-the-range laptop:

  • A narrow OLED display will replace the 'Function' keys. This thin touch screen, positioned above the keyboard, could be used for scrolling, pinching, zooming, or change functions depending on what program you're running
  • It will also be possible to buy a model with a more powerful, efficient graphics chip set up, suited for 'professional gamers'
  • There's also a suggestion the new Pro could include a Touch ID sensor to improve security, with options to use a finger print to access a whole heap of software and websites rather than having to remember loads of passwords

When will it arrive?

It's likely that the new MacBrook Pro will be shown off at Apple's annual September event, expected to take place on 7 September this year. 

As for when it'll hit the shelves, it could roll out as soon as October. If it's anything like previous Apple releases, expect it to cost in the region of all the money. Like over £1,500.