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New bromance app brings guys together

For "man-dates"

New bromance app brings guys together

Thanks mainly to Judd Apatow movies, it's now officially okay to embrace the concept of bromance.

Defined as a "close non-sexual relationship between two (or more) men", it's an acceptable term for guys admitting to genuine enjoyment when they hang out together.

But a new app is taking it all one step too far. Called 'Bromance', it's a location-based app that gives straight guys the chance to meet other like-minded chaps for platonic plans.

It allows you to post an activity and then have local guys join, if interested. You can also send virtual fist pumps to other bros. It's targeted at men between 21 and 40 who, for some reason or another, are in need of a mate to hang out with.

It was recently announced and is currently in private beta testing but will be available in January for those looking for a Matt Damon to their Ben Affleck.

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