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Never Never drops the gin Breakup Box just in time for Valentine's Day

In the true spirit of romance, it's time to cut the cord

Never Never drops the gin Breakup Box just in time for Valentine's Day
Danielle de Wolfe
29 January 2024

Nothing says 'I love you' quite like receiving a Breakup Box on Valentine's Day.

It's why the gin maestros over at Never Never's now. have once again served up the ultimate break-up bevvy, with their seasonal box containing a 50cl bottle of gin poised to take the edge off heartbreak.

Following the success of last year's release, the Australian distiller has decided to do it all again, leaving a trail of broken hearts in its wake.

"Just in case you needed an extra little push to have the hard conversation with that soon-to-be ex-partner in your life," reads the website.

If you're poised to finally declare once and for all that “we are Never Never getting back together”, there's never ever been a better embodiment of your hearts one true desire.

In the true spirit of Aussie romance, the site explains that each bottle is a "toast to freedom", coming in at $79 a pop.

At least this way, the breakup won't leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

"Sure it’s a little cruel, but so is subjecting your partner to months of pent up gas-lighting and passive aggressive text messaging instead. At least this way the message is communicated quickly, and you also get a fantastic gin to boot," Never Never explains.

Never Never drops the gin Breakup Box just in time for Valentine's Day

"There’s nothing wrong with celebrating the moment in time that you stop speaking to someone and what’s more, there is nothing wrong in complementing that particular moment with a martini made with the World’s Best London Dry."

And it's not a case of style over substance either, with this fine juniper offering having won gold at the San Francisco Spirits Awards and Australian Gin Awards.

On the nose there are notes of pine needle, brushed rosemary, lemon oil, earthy root vegetable extending into fragrant pepper.
Taste wise, each bottle offers bright citrus character up front. Described as oily and intense, prominent juniper, supported by earthy undertones and wooded spice.
The whole experience is finished off with a delightfully rich creaminess which quickly dries out.
The distillery explain that the Breakup Box is aimed at not only those in unhappy relationships, but those looking for a "not-so-subtle tool to stop those after-midnight texts from the ex who's committed to staying friends but loves a “you up?” message."
Personalisation comes at no extra charge, with 9 different options to choose from, including:
  • Welcome to dumpsville, population you
  • Here's a toast to seeing other people, oh wait, you were already doing that. Never mind.
  • Roses are red, this bottle is empty, I've found out your best friend's surprisingly bendy.
  • This bottle is full of the oxygen you keep stealing

With only 50 of these limited edition boxes available, we're sorry to read that deliveries are restricted to those in Australia.

So, if you're prepared to go down under - or simply have a partner in the Southern Hemisphere you're ready to cut the cord with, this might just be the ticket.

Bottles are available for $79AUS from Never Never's web store now.