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Netflix's upcoming sci-fi epic show gets its final trailer

China's biggest sci-fi series is coming to the West, in style...

Netflix's upcoming sci-fi epic show gets its final trailer
Andrew Williams
08 March 2024

There are only a couple of weeks to wait until Netflix’s 3 Body Problem series lands. And we have a new trailer to whet the appetite.

This final trailer, much like the last one, touches on the themes of the show. And if, like us, you haven’t actually read Liu Cixin’s Three Body Problem trilogy of novels, it may seem as stuffed as a an all-you-can-eat salad bar plate.

There are alien invasions. Maybe an alien war? There’s a helmet that transports people to other worlds or realities. And multiple scenes of swarms of insects flying about the place.

In 1977, scientists “detected a sequence,” a signal that suggested there was other life out there in space. And now, decades later, “they” are coming. Spooky stuff.

Netflix has a lot riding on this show. First up, it cost $160 million ($20 per episode). And while the books are fairly popular in the west, they are mega-popular in China. Netflix isn’t officially available in China, but it reportedly still has millions of subs there.

The 3 Body Problem adaptation stars Marlo Kelly and Saamer Usmani, although the faces you’re most likely to find familiar are those of John Bradley, of Game of Thrones and the delightfully silly Moonfall, and Marvel alumnus Benedict Wong.

There are deeper Game of Thrones links here too, as 3 Body Problem’s writing team includes Game of Thrones show runners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff.

Alexander Woo is also credited as a writer. He worked on the second season of the brilliant The Terror.

We're hoping for big things from 3 Body Problem, but have to admit there's a slightly odd mix of the epic and the televisual, almost soapy, to this last trailer. But, hey, even if it's not the best Netflix show of 2024, maybe it'll get some of us to pick up Cixin Liu's novels.