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Netflix's next true crime series is on the way - and it's set to be a must watch

Was it a real crime or just a made-up hoax? Time for Netflix's next true crime show...

Netflix's next true crime series is on the way - and it's set to be a must watch
Andrew Williams
08 January 2024

American Nightmare is a true crime show documentary series that doesn’t look quite like anything we’ve seen before.

You can get a taste for American Nightmare, due on January 17, in the trailer Netflix just released.

A woman is kidnapped in 2015. When her boyfriend gives his testimony to the police, he claims their home was invaded by a group of people in wetsuits, like something from a Mission: Impossible movie.

The kidnappers’ ransom was not paid, but victim Denise Huskins was found a couple of days later hundreds of miles away from the kidnapping spot.

But was Denise Huskins actually a kidnap victim? That’s the big question in American Nightmare.

Law enforcement start to suspect the couple were behind the whole scheme, that it was a concocted hoax. It didn’t help that the boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, didn’t report the crime until the day after it happened.

The case drew comparisons to Gone Girl back at the time — the kidnapping took place in 2015, after both the 2012 book and its mega-hit 2014 film adaptation.

Netflix’s Tudum blurb on the show says it “unravels the consequences of our cultural rush to judgment — and what happens when law enforcement decides the truth can’t possibly be true.”

We haven’t come across this case before so will be discovering what actually happened right along with there rest of you.

American Nightmare is a three-part series that features police interview tapes, interviews and some dramatic recreations of scenes.

It comes from Felicity Morris, the writer and director of The Tinder Swindler and 2020’s Fear City: New York vs the Mafia.

American Nightmare is out on January 17, so do your best to avoid the searching online for what actually happened until then.