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Netflix's new sci-fi crime thriller heads straight to number one

A heady mix of murder and time-bending sci-fi is bringing in the crowds

Netflix's new sci-fi crime thriller heads straight to number one
Andrew Williams
23 October 2023

Bodies is currently the most popular piece of content across all of Netflix, according to Flixpatrol.

This crime-meets-sci-fi show is not just the chart topping TV show of the day, but also beats Bill Burr’s directorial debut in movie-making Old Dads.

Flixpatrol works all this out by analysing the charts on each version of Netflix across the world. The higher the ranking, the more points each movie or show gets, and it’s a calculation made each day.

Bodies is currently number one in the UK, number two in the US, below Bill Burr’s Old Dads.

But what is Bodies? It’s a show we’ve written about a couple of times already, an intriguing mix of time travel and murder.

The same body — dead body that is — turns up in 1890, 1941, 2023 and 2053 as the subject of a murder investigation.

Bodies follows the four detectives in these time periods, but that’s not who you’ll see on the poster of this show.

Stephen Graham instead plays Mannix, who is the key to bringing these four cases together. Pretty mysterious, eh?

Bodies is an 8-part show written by Paul Tomalin, who has previously worked on Torchwood and No Offence. However, it is based on a 2015 DC Black Label graphic novel, Bodies by Si Spencer.

The show is highly bingeable, as The Guardian’s Rebecca Nicholson wrote in her review. “As the first episode came to an explosive end, I immediately started the next. And the next, and the next, and the next,” she wrote.

Bodies currently sits at a respectable 79% over at Rotten Tomatoes. Not everyone is persuaded by Bodies, then, but it’s an intoxicating formula if you are able to buy into its style.