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Netflix's new Parisian thriller is 'one of the scariest shark movies ever made'

The film debuted with an impressive 100% Rotten Tomatoes score

Netflix's new Parisian thriller is 'one of the scariest shark movies ever made'

It's not often you discover a shark has made its way into the heart of Paris, however, Netflix's latest thriller has made it so.

Under Paris, translated from the French Sous La Seine (which sounds far slicker), is more than just another shark gimmick.

In fact, it's been described by critics as one of the "scariest shark movies ever made".

Widely praised by critics who have been quick to praise the feature-length release, the film contains everything you'd expect from a shark-centric thriller - and more.

Forget Sharknado, this is a shark film that's impressing even the most critics, even being labelled a "sensible" shark movie.

So impressive in fact, that its gained a 100% approval rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Under Paris is helmed by Frontier(s) and Mayhem! director Xavier Gens and tells the tale of grieving scientist Sophia (Bérénice Bejo).
Having experienced a tragic personal event three years previously, things are about to get a whole lot more traumatic for Sophia, when a large shark is found swimming in the Seine.

On a mission to avoid a bloodbath, Sophia joins forces with Seine River police commander Adil (Nassim Lyes).

And so the shark hunt begins.

The city is every inch the backdrop of the moment, with a string of current releases all set in the heart of the French capital.

Now, Under Paris is the latest release to harness the historic location - albeit in an entirely alternative way, with the film's premise sturdy enough to keep even President Emmanuelle Macron up at night.

With the film labelled "thrilling" and a "blood bath" by reviewers, here's what they make of the latest release.

Variety writes: "Director Xavier Gens (“Lupin”) plays it straight — there’s no winking at the crowd or so-bad-it’s-good posturing, just killer set-pieces and a firm understanding of the fact that the best creature features are those in which you see the creature as little as possible."

The Guardian's Stuart Heritage writes: "It’s brutal. It just never lets up, almost to the point of slapstick. It’s incredible. Variety called Under Paris “a truly great shark movie”. This is an understatement. It’s one of the best shark movies of all time."

Michael Gingold from Rue Morgue said: "Jaws it ain’t – it’s not even Deep Blue Sea – but in a sea of cheeseball low- and no-budget flicks, Under Paris is well-crafted and diverting enough for nature-amok fans fishing for simple aquatic thrills."

Decider writes: "We don’t go into a shark thriller with high expectations, so Under Paris being merely good enough is plenty to warrant a recommendation."

Daily Dead gives it four stars, writing: "Under Paris isn't the most sensible shark-attack horror example, but it's thankfully more than just a goofy "mako in the Seine" idea that belongs on the SYFY channel."

We reckon it's time to give it a watch.