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Netflix's new number-one movie is the perfect one to land this month

This is one you should not miss...

Netflix's new number-one movie is the perfect one to land this month
Andrew Williams
16 October 2023

October is the month for horror, and Netflix might have just provided the perfect film for the season with The Conference.

It has shot straight to the number one position on Netflix’s charts according to stat aggregator FlixPatrol.

It says The Conference is Netflix’s hottest film globally, even if at the time of writing is is only at no. 3 in the UK and no. 6 in the US.

US and UK horror fans aren’t quite quick enough off the mark, it seems, probably not helped by the fact The Conference is a Swedish-language movie.

Don’t let that put you off, though, because this one’s a winner. Here's the trailer:

A group of employees are taken to a company retreat, but their away days are disturbed by a bloodthirsty killer.

It’s a horror-comedy, but still packs in some effective scares and plenty of gory moments.

“There’s an impressive economy to The Conference in how Eklund doesn’t waste time on speeches or slow burn his way to tension,” says’s Brian Tallarico.

Heaven of Horror’s Karina Adselgaard is a fan too.

“Not only is it funny, it is a full-blown slasher, which means it’s perfect for Friday the 13th. Or any fun movie night, really,” she says.

The Conference is directed (and co-written) by Patrik Eklund. It’s his first full-length movie since 2012’s Flicker and, we’ll level with you, we’ve never seen anything he has made before — much of which is Swedish TV.

Judging by The Conference, perhaps we’ve been missing out.