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Netflix's new number-one movie is a sci-fi thriller

It's a world of mutant-like superpowers, but there's no Marvel in sight

Netflix's new number-one movie is a sci-fi thriller
Andrew Williams
01 March 2024

Netflix has a new number one movie, and it’s a sequel to a film many of you may have missed the first time around.

Code 8 Part II is a sequel to the original Code 8, released in 2019.

It’s the most popular movie on Netflix right now according to Flixpatrol's stats, which place it at the top position in 45 different countries across the world.

Code 8 Part II is a Canadian sci-fi movie. It’s set in a world where a small proportion of the population has superpowers, including our two leads Garrett (Stephen Amell) and Conner (Robbie Amell).

In the first film, Conner worked with a gang of criminals to make money for his ill mother. And Garrett was the head of this gang.

The sequel sees this unlikely duo team up with a girl with superpowers. She witnesses her brother being killed, and ends up in peril as corrupt police try to cover it up.

The story behind this film series itself is as interesting as the plot, though.

Netflix’s original Code 8 came to be after the leads, Robbie and Stephen Amell, made a short film version to act as a proof of concept.

They then fired-up an Indiegogo crowdfunded campaign to make the movie happen, which has raised £1.98 million since 2016.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, the Amells are related. But they are cousins, not brothers.

The original Code 8 received mostly positive reviews, but is this sequel any good?

Code 8 Part II reviews

Despite currently ranking lower than the original on Rotten Tomatoes, JoBlo says it’s “an improvement over the original” thanks to its superior story.

“Code 8 Part II is not going to blow away the Hollywood competition but it shows what a passionate group of filmmakers and actors can do when given the platform,” the review reads.

Other reviews repeat that sentiment too. Code 8 Part II may not be primed to become a cinematic sensation, but it’s a cut above plenty of Netflix originals.

The New York Times didn’t like the film much at all, mind, dubbing it an “insipid offering.” Don’t come with too elevated expectations for this one.

However, we’re glad to see an independently-minded film like this grab a sliver of the spotlight before, most likely, being unseated by another just-released sci-fi flick, Spaceman starring Adam Sandler.