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Netflix's new dystopian game show is a Million Dollar Secret

Watch out Squid Games, this one's hosted by a Guardians of the Galaxy legend

Netflix's new dystopian game show is a Million Dollar Secret

Netflix has been known to throw a curve ball or two where new shows are concerned - and its latest venture into the world of high-stakes gameshows is no exception.

Enter Million Dollar Secret, a show aiming to harness the enduring appeal of Squid Games with a slightly unnerving new 'hunter and prey' style premise.

We should also probably mention that the whole thing is hosted by none other than Shaun of the Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy star Peter Serafinowicz.

This time, the comic is swapping cold showers and zombies for the presenting chair, as he guides 11 contestants and plenty of armchair commentators through eight 45-minute episodes.

As the name would suggest, the premise sees our contestants endeavour to bag a $1million jackpot.

Their mission? To locate the current jackpot holder and eliminate them.

Yep, we really are edging into Hunger Games territory with this one, as each contestant attempts to root out and eliminate the jackpot holder, with the money then transferring to them, and thus, becoming the prey..

Netflix's new dystopian game show is a Million Dollar Secret

Exclusively revealed by Variety, the new concept comes hot off the back of Squid Games: The Challenge, which drew an impressive 33 million viewers, making it the 15th most-watched show on Netflix during the second half of 2023.

Latching onto our thirst for competitive peril, the show will see the million-dollar prize won by one of 12 players right at the start of the first episode

But that's only the beginning, as the contestants battle to eliminate the current jackpot holder in the hopes of claiming the prize as their own.

The elbows are most definitely out with this one, with Netflix’s official description suggesting strategy is most definitely king.

“Over eight episodes, the less fortunate players must then hunt down and eliminate the millionaire for a chance to secure the cash for themselves," the synopsis reads.

Netflix's new dystopian game show is a Million Dollar Secret

"Each time a millionaire is booted from the game, the money moves to someone new.”

“Should the millionaire catch too much heat, they can ditch the cash to survive another day in the competition,” the company said describing the game show format.

As for the cast? Thats one that remains thoroughly under wraps for now. Serafinowicz, however, we know a little more about.

Star of his sketch show, The Peter Serafinowicz Show, as well as his roles in Parks and Recreation, The Tick, The Gentlemen and Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (remember the voice of Darth Maul?), it's certainly an interesting casting choice.

Either way, this is one cut-throat competition worth watching out for.