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Netflix's biggest-ever show is returning - and we finally know when

Not long to wait now...

Netflix's biggest-ever show is returning - and we finally know when

It's been three years since Squid Game, Netflix's biggest-ever show, hit screens and blew us all away with its dystopian vision.

The story of 456 debt-laden players all partaking in a deadly set of games for the chance to win big captivated the world, with some 2.2 billion hours viewed of the show.

Since its release we've seen a real-life version of the show hit Netflix, thankfully minus the bloodshed, and a ton of lucrative merch.

While a second season was eventually announced in January 2022, it's been some wait since then to actually see what the writers are going to do with season 2.

Thankfully, a trailer was released earlier this year, revealing that Seong Gi-hun (Park Hae-soo) is on a revenge mission, hoping to to take down those behind Squid Game and its deadly contests.

And now we know that the show is definitely returning in 2024, thanks to a recent interview with Hae-soo. Speaking to Business Insider he noted that the show is coming to Netflix in December.

The director of the show, Hwang Dong-hyuk, knows it's been a long wait but said in a recent interview: "I do have a lot on my shoulders, but I’ll make sure it’s worth the wait.”

Executive producer Kim Ji-yeon also told Netflix: “The cast and the crew are truly pouring their hearts and souls into filming the second season. I hope you stay tuned and root for us!”