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Dear Child, Netflix latest must-watch crime drama is here - and it'll have you gripped

It's a binge-primed mystery.

Dear Child, Netflix latest must-watch crime drama is here - and it'll have you gripped
Andrew Williams
08 September 2023

A brilliant new Netflix crime drama has come virtually out of nowhere, and it deserves a spot on your to-watch list.

We’re talking about Dear Child, which somehow has mostly flown under our radar until, well, right now.

Why? Netflix has given Dear Child less promo that it deserves in English speaking markets, in our opinion, because it’s a German-language show.

It’s a compelling one at that, but may be a bit much for some of you.

This is a crime story of three children who have been held captive. Two of them manage to escape, opening up a missing person case that began before these children were even born.

We’re going to leave it at that, because Dear Child is a twisty thriller that shouldn’t be spoiled before you sit down to watch it.

Not sure whether you can surmount the hurdle of subtitles? Heaven of Horror says it’s “impossible not to binge-watch,” while Ready Steady Cut says “it’s hard to deny how fundamentally well-constructed a show like Dear Child is.”

Not many of the big, usual suspect sites have reviewed the show, but we hope to see more as word of mouth about this compelling — and brisk— series spreads. There’s just six episodes. It’s not an epic commitment.

It’s a contender for one of the best German-produced Netflix shows to date. And, sure enough, it even stars someone from what is probably the best German Netflix show, 2017’s Dark. Julika Jenkins stars in both shows.

Dear Child is based on a 2019 novel by Romy Hausmann. Own a Kindle or read books on your phone? You can actually pick up the original novel for just 99p on Amazon at the time of writing.