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Netflix has shot a star-studded sci-fi movie you are never going to see

Cancelled before it evens streams.

Netflix has shot a star-studded sci-fi movie you are never going to see
Marc Chacksfield
25 January 2024

A new sci-fi thriller from Netflix will now not appear on the service, even though the movie has been shot.

This is according to The InSneider which is reporting that The Mothership, a movie starring Halle Berry, will not be going ahead, citing "multiple post-production delays" as the reason for the no-show.

While this is the first time Netflix has decided to not go ahead with a movie that's essentially been made, it is unfortunately something that's becoming common.

Warner Bros has a Batgirl movie that it doesn't intend to release, while it also is still trying to get another distributor to take on its animated film Coyote vs Acme after it had revealed it wasn't going ahead with releasing the completed movie.

Netflix hasn't commented on the situation with The Mothership but it has been quiet on the film since it was originally pushed as coming out in 2022 - alongside Spiderhead, Glass Onion, Enola Holmes 2 and The Adam Project.

The film was the directorial debut of Matt Charman, who wrote the excellent Spielberg spy drama Bridge Of Spies. He is also the sole writer on The Mothership.

It starred Halle Berry, Molly Parker and John Ortiz and was centered on Sara Morse (Berry) a widowed mum who finds something alien under her home.

Sci-fi is an area that Netflix is strong in as our best sci-fi movies on Netflix list proves but this uncompleted movie will now not see the light of day.

The news comes in the same week that Netflix has spent a reported $5 billion snapping up the global rights to WWE, beginning in 2025.