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Netflix has an epic new true crime drama - and it's streaming now

Prepare for chills, blood spills and plenty of sleuthing

Netflix has an epic new true crime drama - and it's streaming now
Danielle de Wolfe
25 January 2024

Crime is most certainly the flavour of the, er... decade, with amateur sleuths chomping at the bit to catch a glimpse of new Netflix true crime series Griselda.

The hotly-anticipated crime-drama has just landed on Netflix, with the series being hailed a triumph by amateur sleuths everywhere.

Set against a backdrop of drugs, death and criminal intent, Griselda tells the eponymous tale of this 'Queenpin' Blanco as she stands her own in amongst a male-dominated narcotics landscape.

Described as a "mother", "innovator' and "killer", Sofia Vergara leads the cast as part of the miniseries, created by Eric Newman, the mind behind hit series Narcos.

Arriving on the platform today, the series sees Blanco travel from Medellín to Miami in a bid to create one of the most ruthless cartels in history

Not dissimilar to the premise behind Narco's character Isabella Bautista, this time audiences will see Vergara's character utilising a gaggle of sex workers to do her dirty business.

It's a miniseries that's just as tense and dramatic as you'd have hoped, packed with threats, violence and more smart-ass remarks than you can shake a stick at.

With Vergara widely praised for her performance by critics, this series sees the former Modern Family star take charge of the narcotics smuggling operation, successfully overseeing her loyal drug mules as they enrich her cocaine empire.

Earning herself the name 'The Godmother', Blanco has climbed the ranks from 'Trophy Wife' to 'Drugs Overlord' as it's revealed the latino is the secret brains behind her abusive husband's extensive drug running operations.

Establishing her very own cartel in Miami, this fierce businesswoman looks set to singlehandedly take on the US drugs industry.

Digital Spy has said Vergara's performance as "Griselda Blanco more than merits her induction into the Netflix narco Mount Rushmore..." - now that's a notable compliment if ever we heard it.

Meanwhile, Variety has labelled it a "fast-paced and well-acted, the show is brutal, fascinating and full of high drama".

However, it's not all smiles, with a handful of critics - including Dan Fienberg of THR writing: "As dramatically shoddy as Griselda increasingly becomes, Vergara keeps it watchable."

It's time to make up your own mind, as Griselda is now available to watch on Netflix.