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Netflix has a new number one movie - and it's packed with A-Listers!

Zac Efron, Kathy Bates and Nicole Kidman star alongside Joey King in Netflix's latest

Netflix has a new number one movie - and it's packed with A-Listers!
Andrew Williams
01 July 2024

Netflix’s latest number one movie has a killer cast and a high-concept romance that has caught the attention of viewers, even if the critics aren’t so keen.

A Family Affair has shot to the top of the Netflix global charts, reaching number one in 81 countries including the US and UK according to Flixpatrol.

It stars Joey King and Nicole Kidman as a mother-daughter duo. The daughter works for a film star called Chris Cole, played by Zac Efron.

She doesn’t get on with him at all, but is pushed into dealing with him all the more when her mother starts an affair with Cole. Kathy Bates also stars, playing Kidman’s character’s mother-in-law.

Netflix has a new number one movie - and it's packed with A-Listers!
Image Credit: Netflix

A Family Affair is a straight-to-Netflix movie directed by Richard LaGravenese, who wrote Disenchanted and Freedom Writers. And he last directed a movie a decade ago, in The Last Five Years.

“I saw in it a coming-of-age story for three different characters at three different stages of their lives,” says LaGravenese of A Family Affair.

The concept isn’t a million miles removed from recent hit The Idea of You, but A Family Affair hasn’t received as warm a reception from the critics as that Anne Hathaway vehicle.

A Family Affair reviews

The Guardian gave the film a 2/5 score, saying “the initial setup is great, the Ephronesque excitable phone conversation montage is tolerable, but the cliched breakup and makeup plot transition clanks.”

Empire continues the trend. It gave A Family Affair 2/5, citing “Hallmark musings and tired clichés,” but also says “It's not all bad, though. King has just enough charm to pull us through an often-unlikeable character arc, while the warmth between Kidman and Kathy Bates (who plays Brooke's mother-in-law) is gorgeous and heartfelt.”

The film’s 44% Rotten Tomatoes rating tells us a good chunk of the critics gave the film more than two stars, though.

ScreenRant’s 3-star review says “it stays light and fun, whether experienced actively or passively,” and that the main issue is A Family Affair doesn’t quite manage the transition from light comedy to drama in the second half of the film.

FandomWire’s 3-star review also says the film is at its best when leaning into the comedy side and the leads’ interactions.

“I was taken aback by the chemistry and the dynamic interactions between the three leads. In particular, the brother-sister-esque comedic timing between young stars Joey King and Zac Efron is always amusing and often hilarious,” says the FandomWire review.

A Family Affair hit Netflix on June 28, and knocked Jessica Alba action flick Trigger Warning off the top spot.