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Netflix has a new number one movie - and it's a true crime treat

Prepare yourself for some shocks...

Netflix has a new number one movie - and it's a true crime treat
Marc Chacksfield
15 February 2024

There's a new movie globally on Netflix that is perfect for those looking for a true-crime fix.

The feature-length documentary Lover, Stalker, Killer has hit the top spot, usurping Despicable Me 3 which had been the most watched movie on Netflix for the last few weeks now.

It's easy to see why Lover, Stalker, Killer has been bringing in the viewers. Apart from its in-your-face title, it's an absorbing and occasionally shocking look at a mechanic who is new to online dating who meets a woman that become obsessed to the extreme.

Clocking in at a cool 90 minutes, the doc explores the twisted tale from its innocuous beginning to its rather shocking conclusion.

Directed by Sam Hobkinson, who also helmed the equally brilliant The Confession, this is as suspenseful as it comes, despite the main plot points of the story making up its actual title.

Critics are big fans, too. While there aren't a huge amount of reviews out for the doc, the ones that are on Rotten Tomatoes are all in full praise of the film - in fact it's currently got that rare 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Netflix's has a new number one movie - and it's a true crime treat
Image Credit: Netflix

The Daily Beast reckons: "Even in a crowded true-crime field, it’s something of a doozy."

Rolling Stone writes: "Hobkinson deserves credit for creating suspense throughout, with assistance from Nick Foster’s score, which happily flirts with Bernard Herrmann, and cinematography and editing that add to the feeling of disorientation and instability."

While the New York Times says: "True-crime doc watchers who are in committed relationships may see “Lover, Stalker, Killer,” a bracing account of a lurid series of misdeeds directed by Sam Hobkinson, and breathe a sigh of relief over being out of the dating pool."

Lover, Stalker, Killer is streaming on Netflix now. For more like this, check out ShortList's best true-crime documentaries list.