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Netflix gets another hit show that sunk on Prime Video

Is this great biting comedy finally getting the viewers it deserves?

Netflix gets another hit show that sunk on Prime Video
Andrew Williams
23 February 2024

A little-known comedy could be on the verge of hitting the big time thanks to Netflix.

According to Reelgood, the show Loudermilk jumped from chart obscurity to number nine on its viewership charts after it moved from Prime VIdeo’s library to Netflix’s.

This has awoken fresh rumours a fourth season of the show may be in the works, or about to be greenlit.

Never heard of Loudermilk? It was co-created by Peter Farrely, one of the Farrely brothers of comedy fame, known for films like There’s Something About Mary and Dumb & Dumber.

It stars Ron Livingstone as Sam Loudermilk, a grumpy recovering alcoholic with a barbed wit.

Prime Time

The show’s first season, released back in 2017, received almost universal critical acclaim, racking up a 93% Rotten Tomatoes rating. And yet the second and third seasons didn’t amass enough reviews to even get such a rating.

What gives? Well, Loudermilk was seen by relatively few people during its actual run, because it was made for the pay TV station AT&T Audience Network.

It shut down before the third season was even aired, after which Amazon’s Prime Video acquired the rights to the series. Loudermilk wasn’t exactly cancelled, the whole network that made it was.

From where we’re standing, this deal doesn’t seem to have done all that much for Prime Video as a service, or for the notoriety of Loudermilk.

But perhaps that’s now changing. Netflix licensed the show to stream in select territories earlier this year, including the US and UK.

We love a good underdog tale, but we’re not quite seeing Reelgood’s claims pan out in other stat houses just yet. There’s no sign of it popping up on Flixpatrol’s charts, or any showing on Netflix’s own Tudum portal.

Still, Reelgood is a service folks use to aggregate their streaming services, so perhaps its users are a sign of what’s to come when the rest of us catch up. Watch Loudermilk on Netflix.