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Netflix get a surprising new number one movie

The reviews aren't glowing but folks are flocking to this new romance film...

Netflix get a surprising new number one movie
Andrew Williams
08 April 2024

There’s a new number one movie on Netflix, and it’s a young adult-themed romance.

The Tearsmith is an Italian language production based on a best-selling (in Italy) 2021 novel by Erin Doom. And yes, that’s a pen name.

It’s currently the number one movie on Netflix in 53 territories, sailing past other recent released like Scoop and Heart of the Hunter, according to Flixpatrol. This is a surprise given how much press Scoop has had in recent weeks. Being based on a UK-centric scandal may have put a few overseas viewers off, though.

You might want to take a look at the reviews before adding to its fortunes, though, because The Tearsmith has not had the warmest reception from critics.

But before we get to those reviews, what is The Tearsmith all about?

Nica grows up in an oppressive orphanage after her parents are killed in a car accident. She’s adopted at the age of 17, alongside Rigel from the same orphanage.

He has been in love with her for years, and a forbidden relationship starts to bloom.

Netflix get a surprising new number one movie
Image Credit: Netflix

Decider gave The Tearsmith a “skip it” verdict: “Alas, a few of the pieces in The Tearsmith don’t really fit together, and that will make it a SKIP IT for some audiences.”

Paste Magazine didn’t hate The Tearsmith, but gave it a middling 6/10 score: “If someone were to compile a comprehensive list of young adult romance genre tropes, it would likely be a spitting image of Netflix’s The TearsmithThe Tearsmith is exactly as predictable as it sounds”

But Why Tho? Didn’t like the film at all, and gave it a dismal 2/10 rating: “The Tearsmith is an utterly confusing, absolutely uninteresting mess of a movie. With no redeeming qualities, one can only hope that these clearly passionate teenage actors get more chances to participate in projects worthy of their time.”

While all the criticism is not searing, it has left The Tearsmith with a wince-inducing 0% Rotten Tomatoes rating at present.

However, it may still be just about worth a watch for YA fans hungry for more, judging by the less harsh reviews.