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Netflix's latest horror looks brilliant, and is going to scare you to death

It's arriving later this month

Netflix's latest horror looks brilliant, and is going to scare you to death
Tom Victor
08 September 2017

You’ve probably made your mind up about It already.

Either you can’t wait for the Stephen King adaptation after all the rave reviews it’s been getting, not least from King himself.

Or you’re binning it off, because you’re afraid of, angry about or simply ambivalent towards clowns.

In either case, the emergence of an entirely different King adaptation is probably good news – either you get something to see instead, or something to see as well.

The trailer for Gerald’s Game, an adaptation of King’s 1992 novel, has landed this week.

Starring Carla Gugino (San Andreas) and Bruce Greenwood (The People v. O. J. Simpson), it is a suspense thriller that hinges on the idea that the name Gerald can be even remotely threatening.

Yes, we know it’s the name of that weird monobrowed baby in The Simpsons, but still.

Director Mike Flanagan has a strong horror portfolio, including Ouija: Origin of Evil and upcoming Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House.

If you’re the sort of person who likes reading the blurb before reading a book, you’ll probably also be interested to learn that it sees Gugino’s character Jessie handcuffed on her bed for a sex game with husband Gerald (Greenwood) when he dies, leaving her trapped.

What follows, over the course of the 103-minute running time, uses all the ingredients you’d expect from a King creation, and promises to be high on suspense throughout.

Gerald’s Game will air on Netflix from 29 September.

(Main image: Netflix)