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Can you get *exactly* 15/17 on this Netflix quiz?

Reckon you're a film and TV expert? Prove it

Can you get *exactly* 15/17 on this Netflix quiz?
18 January 2018

Everyone’s got their favourite film or TV show on Netflix – for me, it’s got to be Rick and Morty. A truly hilarious and at-times twisted show. But whatever your particular taste, you’ve probably scrolled through thousands and thousands of streaming options when trying to find something good to watch. The question is, however, were you paying attention to all the shows and movies you skipped over?

Our latest quiz will test how well you can match Netflix’s written description with the classic movie or programme.

And to make it even harder for you, you have to get exactly 15 correct. Reckon you can crack it? Give it a go and let us know how you get on! You can even tweet us screenshots of your final score (@ShortList).

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(Images: Netflix / OA / Peaky Blinders / Black Mirror / Beasts of No Nation)