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Can you get *exactly* 15/21 in our 2000s music quiz?

You need to get exactly 15, or you FAIL!

Can you get *exactly* 15/21 in our 2000s music quiz?
Tom Victor
09 January 2018

If you take one look at a music video from the early 2000s, you’ll be scratching your head at how different everyone and everything looked.

It’s hard to explain the style of the era - there was just something common to 2000-09 that doesn’t exist today, even if some of the major players were the same.

We’ve gone back to look at some of the decade’s bigger names and memorable stories, and come up with a little quiz for you. However, there’s a twist.

There are 21 questions, but your task isn’t getting full marks.

Instead, we need you to get 15/21. Exactly 15, no more and no less.

Tweet us screenshots of your final score (@ShortList) and you’ll win… well, our admiration. There’s no actual prize. 

(Images: Rex Features/YouTube)