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Netflix contacts man to ask him if he's OK after his viewing habits change

Caring or creepy?

Netflix contacts man to ask him if he's OK after his viewing habits change

Netflix ‘blew up’ on Twitter the other day after someone in their social media department tweeted the following:

Harmless, I thought (Spotify’s entire advertising campaign has been based on this idea, and I think it’s good), but that pesky internet lot objected, and found it all a bit intrusive and a tad mocking. They somehow thought that all their activity on Netflix was anonymous, not recorded and completely private - this giant streaming company were in no way monitoring their customers. Blissful ignorance, eh? What a dream.

But then, out of the wilderness, a saviour appeared. A Netflix fan (normal person, then) posted a lovely little story on Reddit, coming to Netflix’s defence - here’s the post in full:

That’s Good Guy Netflix there - yes, spying on a customer, but also reaching out because they were worried about them. You could argue that they were being overly intrusive, but perhaps they were right to be?

The customer said that the simple of act of Netflix emailing made them happier, and so it’s hard to be too critical, even if you are someone who’s very protective of their privacy.

This person was struggling through depression, and did nothing but watch Netflix non-stop, and Netflix checked up on them - we all binge, but sometimes it can get unhealthy, or expose other underlying problems. Dr Netflix therefore jumped to the rescue. 

It’s a nice story that’s made me feel all warm inside. It’s also made me want to watch some Netflix, but can’t because I’m at work, and The Punisher is really loud when you play it through the office speakers.

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(Image: Netflix)