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Netflix cancels another top 10 show - and fans aren't happy

Another one bites the Netflix dust.

Netflix cancels another top 10 show - and fans aren't happy
Marc Chacksfield
14 December 2022

Netflix has just canceled one of its biggest hits, mere months after the second season of the show aired.

Warrior Nun has been a hit for the Netflix since its release in 2020. The show was based on the comic book character of Warrior Nun Areala, who featured initially in the Ninja High School comic book run, before getting her own spin-off.

The idea was to make a feature film out of the character - a nun who becomes a demon hunter - but this morphed somewhat successfully into a hit TV show, which entered Netflix's top 10, peaking at top 5 when it was first released.

As we all know, Netflix is rather cold and calculating when it comes to the shows it renews and the ones it doesn't and, unfortunately, Warrior Nun has become the latest canceled casualty.

Warrior Nun is one of a handful of key shows which have been canceled by Netflix of late. Another cult favorite, Fate: The Winx Saga was canceled after two seasons. Resident Evil, Cowboy Bebop and Archive 81 managed just one season each, before the axe fell.

Thankfully, we found out the fate of The Sandman recently, with news that Neil Gaiman's show is getting a second season but this agonizing wait for confirmation seems to show that Netflix is becoming a lot more critical about the shows it saves and the ones it doesn't.

Case in point: Wednesday. The show is shaping up to being one of the most viewed shows ever on Netflix, but we still don't have news about a second season. We're sure the announcement is imminent but it's not exactly been a quick decision.

Back to Warrior Nun, it may not have got to the coveted number-one spot on Netflix but it does have a passionate fan base and they have taken to Twitter to complain about their show being pulled, with even showrunner Simon Barry taking to the site to show his appreciation of the fan base and his sadness that the show is no more.

Netflix cancels another top 10 show - and fans aren't happy
Image Credit: Netflix

At least its showrunner is actively looking at ways to get the show back up and running on another service...