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Netflix's amazing 100% Rotten Tomatoes rated show gets a second season

Netflix has an all-time classic on its hands.

Netflix's amazing 100% Rotten Tomatoes rated show gets a second season
Marc Chacksfield
12 December 2023

There's fantastic news for Netflix fans: a second season of Blue Eye Samurai - a rare 100% Rotten Tomatoes rated show - is happening

Blue Eye Samurai is one of just a handful of Netflix shows that have managed to win and maintain a perfect RT score.

Netflix Original They Cloned Tyrone was given this score, initially, but it has sinced dropped to 95%. Accused (on Netflix in the UK) is at 100%. So is Wes Anderson's short movie The Ratcatcher and recent documentary The Saint Of Second Chances is also on this list.

Blue Eye Samurai is a stunning animated TV show on Netflix. The brains behind the show is Michael Green who has written some of the best movies of recent years, including Logan and Blade Runner 2047 (he also wrote Green Lantern, so he's not always a hit maker).

He is the writer and creator of the show, alongside Amber Noizumi.

They have enlisted some fantastic voice talent for the show as well, with Star Trek's George Takei, Heroes' Masi Oka and Maya Erskine (soon to be seen in Mr And Mrs Smith) who plays the hero, all in the show.

Netflix amazing 100% Rotten Tomatoes rated show gets a second season
Image Credit: Netflix

As for the reviews, well they are stunning.

Empire reckons: "Blue Eye Samurai is a gorgeous, addictive thrill-ride that never loses sight of Mizu's point-of-view, even when the road ahead is obscured with blood."

Rolling Stone believes: The whole thing is an incredible, utterly badass example of how animation can be used to create worlds, characters, and adventure every bit as vivid as live-action, if not more at times. Choose your weapon and leap right in.

The Guardian writes: "One of the many pleasures of Blue Eye Samurai, and it is a real pleasure to watch, is its frequent fight scenes."

Hollywood Reported says: "What sustains the series in the long term is its knack for crafting compelling characters and engaging drama, even if the end results land as more fun than profound."

And Slant writes: "Even if the show's storytelling feels a bit shallow at times, there’s enough pure spectacle to make it exhilarating to watch."

The second season was announced by Michael Green on X/Twitter, who does note that we might be waiting some time for the new season but is coming.

Netflix also announced the second season of the show, explaining on its Tudum site that the action would be switching to London.

The first season of Blue Eye Samurai is streaming on Netflix now and features in ShortList's What To Watch guide.