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Move over Bridgerton, Netflix has a new number one show

But who could possibly dethrone Lady Whistledown from the top spot?

Move over Bridgerton, Netflix has a new number one show

Bridgerton has maintained its place at the top of the Netflix chart since the second half of series 3 hit our screens back on June 13.

But now it seems the party's over for Lady Whistledown, as the mysterious writer has been toppled from the number one spot, replaced by a show that, let's just say couldn't be more different.

Yes, Rick and Morty have officially arrived, with the duo climbing to the top of the chart courtesy of series 7.

Currently holding steady with a 75% critics approval rating on aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, the series has once again drawn a crowd.

GQ declared the latest instalment "one of the series’ best -- weird, creative, gross and emotional".

And the premise? Following his divorce from Amy, the eloquently named Mr Poopybutthole finds he overstays his welcome at the Smith household.

The brand new series begins with Rick staging an intervention after his drinking spirals out of control - as for the rest, we'll leave that up to you.

Series 7 hit the platform on June 19, having previously been scheduled to drop in October.

It was great news for fans, with UK viewers taking to social media to hype the return of the cult series.

But when it comes to audiences, the show seems to have received a mixed response, currently sitting on a lacklustre 47% approval rating.

And it seems nearly all the show's critics have the same key piece of feedback.

It all comes down to the voices.

Series 7 sees Ian Cardoni and Harry Belden take over the voices of Rick and Morty following the departure of Justin Roiland.

And it's a move that hasn't gone unnoticed.

"You can definitely feel that Justin Roiland left the show," wrote one fan. "The voice change kind of changed the characters personality, but maybe that's just because it's a different creator."

It's a sentiment echoed by countless other fans, who deliver their feedback alongside a handful of less-than-sympathetic one star reviews.

"The voice actor change completely ruined it for me," says one, with another adding: "Morty sounds like a dying cat".

But despite the criticism, the series continues to top of the charts.

As for how long the animated series will reign supreme over Lady Whistledown? Only time will tell.