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More cats than inmates at Florida prison

Instituionalised moggy, anyone?

More cats than inmates at Florida prison
16 November 2011

Goodfellas aside, prison is rarely portrayed in a positive light. If movies and TV are to be believed it's all about bouncing between 'getting to know the guys' shower sessions and pretending not to have seen brutal slayings.

To Florida, now, where cats outnumber inmates in one cosy big house. Authorities say dozens of moggies snuck into the Belle Glade slammer and they will all need to be re-homed when it shuts down.

As many as 80 cats have burrowed under fences and taken up residence at the state-run prison where inmates have unsurprisingly warmed to them. It's unknown how many pairs of snug slippers and open fires are also inside.

The prison can hold 1,000-inmates but with a closure date of December 1st, only 69 remain.

Palm Beach County animal control officers are offering to waive adoption fees to find them new homes as they fear they will starve.

Via: Palm Beach Post