Mondo’s Batman: The Animated Series vinyl set looks incredible


Batman: The Animated Series wasn’t like most animated series. At least not back in the early nineties when it aired it wasn’t.

Moodier and more artistically refined than any cartoon of the time (it even bagged four Emmy awards), it mirrored DC’s original artists by relying just as heavily on the quality of artists as it did the writers. It was the ultimate homage to the Dark Knight.

And now it’s come full circle as the design hounds at MONDO have in turn paid tribute to the cult series themselves, assembling this brilliant box set featuring the full scores of its best episodes on vinyl. First revealed by IGN, it's the stuff of nerdish dreams.

[Via: IGN]

Not only that, MONDO being MONDO, Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative designed brand new artwork for each episode, riffing on the character designs of the show and adding a unique take on every one (the cabal of baddies sitting around a table is criminally good).

Speaking of which, the box set also includes six 4×6 screen-printed handbills of villains from the episode Almost Got ‘Im, which followed five Batman villains telling the stories of how they almost killed the Caped Crusader. The distinctive stylings of which you can feast your eyes over below.

MONDO will announce the date it goes on sale on the company’s Twitter account, @MondoNews.