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Mind-bending Rorschach watch

Mind-bending Rorschach watch

Mind-bending Rorschach watch
20 November 2013

Rorschach tests are strange. One minute you're trying to work out if a splodge of ink looks more like a demon clown or fresh road kill, the next a psychologist is trying to explore "unresolved issues with your father".

Well now you can probe the fragile minds of friends, family or anyone unfortunate enough to ask you for the time with the Kisai Rorschach ePaper watch from Tokyoflash Japan.

The watch uses eInk (like a Kindle) to project a Rorschach-esque time display with three levels of interpretive difficulty. On its easiest setting, hours are displayed in the top-right quarter of the display, minutes in the bottom-left, and reflections filling in the blanks. The psychedelic patterns become more obscure with the following difficulties. Quite how you set an alarm or work out the date is beyond our capacities.

Such an elaborate time telling method may baffle those not acquainted with its workings - just prepare yourself for possible outpourings of deep emotional trauma if anyone asks to look at your watch.

(Images: TokyoFlash Japan)