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The Microsoft Xbox Series S set to be a cheaper next-gen console

New next-gen console alert!

The Microsoft Xbox Series S set to be a cheaper next-gen console
Marc Chacksfield
10 August 2020

The world of gaming is about to go through some big changes soo, with both Sony and Microsoft busy teasing their next-gen console wares.

While we have been drip fed information from both companies, it seems that there are still a few surprises to be had - and these include a cheaper next-gen console from Microsoft hoping to be the best games console called the Xbox Series S.

Microsoft has yet to acknowledge this new console's existence but a pretty major leak has occurred that seemingly confirms that we are getting the Microsoft Xbox Series S plus a white version of both this console and the already revealed Xbox Series X.

Twitter user Zak S has seemingly been able to buy the controller and has shown off an unboxing of it.

Now, we would normally pour a heave dose of salt on to this, but tech mega site The Verge is convinced it's real and that's a pretty good indicator for us.

The user in question, though, doesn't have many followers but does show off the box which clearly has on it that the controller will work with both the Microsoft Xbox Series X and the yet-to-be unveiled Microsoft Xbox Series S.

Looking at our best Xbox One controller guide, there's similarities between this controller and the ones you can already buy - looking similar to the current Elite controller. It's said to have a new D-button, textured triggers and a new share button, though.

As for the Microsoft Xbox Series S, this is said to have many similar specs to the Series X but a different CPU.

Sony has revealed it has two versions of the PS5 coming out: the Sony PS5 Digital Edition and Sony PS5 Standard Edition. The digital edition is completely disc free.