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Sitcom genius Michael Schur has a brand new show in the works

Here's the 'Parks and Rec' and 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' creator's latest project

Sitcom genius Michael Schur has a brand new show in the works
23 February 2018

If you’ve watched and loved a US sitcom over the last decade, there’s a pretty good chance Michael Schur was involved with it.

He wrote and produced on the US version of The Office, before then going on to create Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place - four of the funniest American shows this millennium.

He is known and loved for his warm, smart brand of humour, which is why we’re very excited to see he’s started work on yet another new show - and has lined up a Parks and Rec favourite to star in it.

The show is called Abby’s, and is set in the truly radical location of a bar. However, this isn’t just any bar - the landlord, Abby, is running it unlicenced out of her back yard.

Abby will be played by Natalie Morales, who you might recognise as Tom Havorford’s flame Lucy in Parks and Rec, as well as The Grinder, Santa Clarita Diet, The Middleman and her role as Yolanda Buenaventura in Bojack Horseman.

Natalie Morales will play the title character, Abby, in the new show

Schur has co-created Abby’s with Josh Malmuth (New Girl), and has already sold the pilot to NBC, however there’s no news yet on when we can expect to see it.

According to The AV Club, Abby is a military vet described as ‘no nonsense’, and ‘warmly convivial but never openly sentimental’.

With The Good Place and Brooklyn Nine-Nine showing no signs of slowing down, Schur could well have three of the top sitcoms on TV if Abby’s turns out to be a hit, and if it follows the same pattern as his other shows, there’s a good chance we might get it on UK Netflix at some point down the line.

Let’s cross our fingers.

(Image: Rex)