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One of London’s best burger restaurants is launching a £2.69 ‘Ecstatic Meal’

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One of London’s best burger restaurants is launching a £2.69 ‘Ecstatic Meal’
Tom Victor
26 January 2018

Nostalgia is a hell of a thing, but it can be deceptive.

Those delicious Happy Meals you destroyed as a kid were both enjoyable and filling, but you’ve got bigger hands now so they won’t seem quite like a full meal.

However, the enjoyment of a burger, side and drink for an affordable price isn’t to be sniffed at – and who doesn’t enjoy getting a free toy with their lunch.

With this in mind, MEATliquor – who last year unveiled the frankly ridiculous Burgducken – have launched their Ecstatic Meal with Deliveroo. And we’re on board.

The deal includes a signature Dead Hippie burger (two mustard-fried beef patties with lettuce, pickles, cheese, minced onions and dead hippie sauce). Yes, that’s the same Dead Hippie burger which has been one of the most-ordered dishes on Deliveroo in recent years.

It comes with hash browns (they apparently travel better than fries), a drink and – yes – a toy. It’s a grown-up meal, though, so instead of kids’ toys you’ll get stuff like a hungry shark stress ball.

What’s more, it’ll cost just £2.69. That’s right, you won’t pay any more than it’d cost you to get your hands on an actual Happy Meal.

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, it’s exclusive to the Deliveroo app today only from 12pm (26 January), so you’ll be able to find out yourself whether it’s worth the money (spoiler: it is).

“The Ecstatic Meal is a treat for those who are scrimping towards the end of the month,” MEATliquor co-founder Scott Collins said.

“Don’t have to be minted to enjoy some MEAT… Bonus is that it contains the hangover’s nemesis, the Dead Hippie.”

The deal is exclusive to deliveries from MEATliquor’s King’s Cross branch, but it’s come at the perfect time for those low on cash as January comes to a close.

(Images: MEATliquor/Deliveroo)