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You can now get meat-flavoured, edible Father's Day cards, thanks to Moonpig

And in a range of flavours too!

You can now get meat-flavoured, edible Father's Day cards, thanks to Moonpig
13 June 2017

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday, and you’re already on your way to Clinton’s to get a Top Gear-themed card that says something like “You live life in the fast-lane, Dad!” or “More like CAR-ther’s Day!” or “Jeremy CAR-kson, Rich-CAR-d Hammond and James CAR wish you a hapCAR CAR-ther’s CAR”.

But don’t, actually – why not switch it up a little bit and get a card that’s a little bit different. You know, like one that tastes like meat. One that you can actually eat.

The vegetarian cards, from Moonpig, are made of rice paper that is infused with edible ink and scents, and they come in two flavours: BBQ and spicy hot. The BBQ cards have been smoked with hickory chips and the hot and spicy ones are infused with cayenne pepper, for that authentic spicy card taste.

They’re best stored at room temperature and consumed almost immediately after opening – nobody likes a mouldy Father’s Day card. Also, it probably goes without saying that you shouldn’t write anything in them – biro ink, to my knowledge and experience, is not edible.

The managing director of Moonpig, James Sturrock, says:

“Our ‘Meating Cards’ allow dads to enjoy their favourite BBQ or spicy flavours without lifting a finger in the kitchen. While we love the classic Father’s Day gifts, we’re always on the lookout for different ways to help make dad’s day special, and with food gifts being so popular with our customers, these cards are a delicious prospect.”

The only annoying thing is, you can’t actually buy them – instead, you have to enter a competition to win them. You’ve got until Wednesday to enter, so head on over to the website here, and get crossing your soon-to-smell-strongly-of-meat fingers. Good luck!

(Images: Moonpig)