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McDonald's have just released an optical illusion that will make your eyes melt

It contains a very important secret message

McDonald's have just released an optical illusion that will make your eyes melt
23 October 2017

Remember Magic Eye? Those funny colourful patterned pictures that hid secret images of dolphins and, erm, well, it was always dolphins. Well, McDonald’s made me distinctly aware of them this week, even though I’d sort of forgotten about the pain they brought to my poor adolescent eyes. 

This is because they have released their very own optical illusion, for some reason, and looking at it has hurt my eyes.

Would you like your eyes to hurt? Well then, here it is:

Just let yourself get sucked into that for a bit. Hurts, donit?

Although it may look like a barcode, it has (much like a barcode) a secret hidden message within. Can you see it? If not, here are four methods that I have found work quite well:

  • You know when your eyes zone-out when you’re on the tube thinking about that time you made that really embarrassing admission at the work party in front of all your colleagues? Well, try and force your eyes to do that - sort of look into the middle distance, if you will
  • Do what you do when you look at a Magic Eye, which is very similar to the first bullet-point. Look through the image, if that makes any sense
  • Cross your eyes
  • Just fucking zoom the image out really far

I feel like, ‘in the spirit of fun’, I’m not going to tell you what it says, and also I like the thought of your eyes hurting, because I revel in the pain of others. And you can easily just Google it, if you like, spoilsport.

So keep trying please, because you’ll feel extremely proud of yourself when you get it. You’ll also be weirdly hungry. For nuggets. Dunno why.

(Image: McDonald’s)