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McDonalds Goes Vegetarian

McDonalds Goes Vegetarian

McDonalds Goes Vegetarian
03 September 2012

Let’s play a little game of word association: Usain Bolt – fast; Morgan Freeman – narration; McDonalds – meat. This is received wisdom, yeah?

Well, prepare to have your pre-conceived notions shattered into smithereens, because the King of the fast food restaurants has announced its intention to open not one, but two vegetarian restaurants.

However, don’t for one minute think that Maccy Ds has come over all virtuous after listening to The Smiths. It’s still motivated by an unquenchable and opportunistic thirst for the Benjamins.

The Golden Arches plans to open two of its outlets in vegetarian-only strongholds in India. Firstly near the Golden Temple in Amritsar (visitors are barred from eating meat near to the site) and then another in Katra, close to the Vaishno Devi shrine.

So for those seeking nutritional nourishment after getting a healthy dose of spiritual enlightenment, best get busy pronouncing McAloo Tikki burger quick smart.

(Image: Rex Features)