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McDonald's employee reveals what it's really like to work overnight in the fast food chain

Are they lovin' it?

McDonald's employee reveals what it's really like to work overnight in the fast food chain

"D'you want fries with that?"

It's not the most glamorous of jobs, but it's clearly one of the most entertaining.

Sarah, an overnight McDonald's worker from Australia has lifted the lid on what it's like to brave the tills through the wee small hours, by taking part in a Reddit Ask Me Anything, which rapidly drew a host of people asking questions about her experiences during two years of doing the job.

Other fellow workers have weighed in on answers, to create a vivid picture of life under Ronald McDonald's autocratic control. Are they McLovin' it? Read on and find out.

Expect the unexpected

Sarah revealed that their nighttime clientele was a little different from the day.

"We get a lot of trannys (sic) in our store at night due to our location there's apparently a club/place they go to after dark. We have one guy come in a short skirt who always has his genitals out. We've pointed it out that he can't be in the store if he doesn't cover up. He doesn't care."

And what do they order?

"They generally buy a lot of breakfast foods and apple pies."

So now you know.

You may be encouraged to barter

Sarah revealed that she was often offered drugs by addicts desperate for food.

"(There are) drug affected people handing you the drugs in between two notes."

Expect ridiculous orders

Sarah's craziest order? Sadly, it's a little tame ("12 large big mac meals and 12 cheeseburgers at 3am Tuesday morning").

But others have seen things. Big things, and small things. One person revealed they'd ordered, "a single slice of tomato", and "30 packets of tomato sauce to go with a single apple pie" and "burgers with 50 extra servings of pickles".

Another wrote, "I do nightshift as well. Usually 10pm-6am. The weirdest order I have seen is a wrap, with the salad removed, replaced by two of every type of meat in it. Lamb, McChicken patty, Crispy chicken, filet, 4:1 meat (4:1 is the Qtr Pounder patty. 4th of 1 pound, cheeseburgers are 10:1). It was so big I had serious trouble putting it in it's box. I kept the grill slip as memorabilia."

Beware of imposters

One contributor told the AMA that a stranger had once convinced her that he was employee, before promptly walking into the McCafe section and stealing a tray of 40 blueberry muffins.

People will do anything to try and use the drive-thru

Sad news: when asked, "How many times a night do people walk through the drive through?", Sarah replied: "Hardly any anymore. It's banned."

A fellow worker revealed that she had seen four grown men holding a broken car door, pretending to be a car in order to order food when the store had closed at midnight and only the drive-through was open.

Things can get a bit out of hand

Unsurprisingly, tales were legion of the trouble caused by drunk people coming in during the 'pub rush' after drinking establishments and clubs closed.

'My ex got choke slammed against a wall over a quarter pounder on his last day, and I had someone come at me over the counter with a steak knife.'

'Also had a friend of mine get his face opened up after being hit with a chair. They collect them up and lock them in the party room before the pub rush now.'

One Redditor asked Sarah, "Do you also have beer bottles thrown at you, cars driven into sides of buildings, doors ripped of hinges, windows smashed, people making out on counters while customers try to order, multiple fist fights, drunk drivers bumping into each other in the drive through, people stealing food from the out going heated pan so you have to meticulously go through each cell to get things re-made and more?"

To which she replied: "Bottles thrown at us, food. people stealing food. Weapons. Pretty much everything you wrote."

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