McDonald’s just opened a free, fries-only pop-up because why the hell not?

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Nick Pope

Pop-up restaurants are almost always underwhelming. Truth is, it doesn't matter how good the food is if it's served in overpriced baby portions. Our rumbling stomachs made a decision on the ubiquitous dining trend a long time ago.

But this is something we can get behind.

McDonald's Australia has opened a free chip-focused pop-up named 'Fries With That', and Twitter users are casually losing their goddamn minds.

The restaurant offers a variety of fry toppings, including sour cream and sweet chilli, gravy, Caesar sauce with bacon and parmesan, curry, pesto and parmesan, chipotle cheese sauce, or peri-peri cheese sauce.

The idea is this: customers will taste every menu item, before voting for their favourite. Once they've found a winner, the chosen chip dish will be added to the worldwide McDonald's menu.

It follows a move by McDonald's to offer all-you-can-eat fries in their US chains. Check out the news report below:


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