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It looks like we have a date for the Mayweather McGregor fight

Get it in your diaries people, you know you'll be watching

It looks like we have a date for the Mayweather McGregor fight

After a lot of talk – so much talk it’s even a lot of talk for the notoriously talk-heavy world of boxing – it looks like the Mayweather-McGregor superfight finally has a date and a venue.

40-year-old Mayweather has reportedly booked Las Vegas’ MGM Grand for 26 August, presumably meaning that talks to get the fight on are now at an advanced stage.

UPDATE: It now appears that Mayweather has cancelled the booking...

A month ago it was confirmed that 28-year-old McGregor had reached a deal with UFC president Dana White, with the purse for the MMA fighter believed to be $75m (£58m). After that, it was up to Mayweather to agree a figure to come out of retirement – it was estimated that this would end up at around $100m (£77m), in line with the amount he earned for beating Manny Pacquiao in his 48th bout back in 2015.

Mayweather appeared at the Grand for the final 12 bouts of his pre-retirement career, so he will feel very much at home – it also confirms the suspicion that he is calling all the shots, and controlling everything precisely as he did throughout his previous bouts.

McGregor remains the huge outsider, having never boxed professionally – he also hasn’t fought in any capacity since winning the UFC lightweight title last November, although Mayweather hasn’t been in the ring since his 49th win against Andre Berto in September 2015.

McGregor has been busy hyping on Twitter:

And aiming jibes at Mayweather:

The last original tweet from the Mayweather account? He doesn’t look like he’s stressing out.

See you in August then.

(Images: Rex)