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Mayo flavour ice cream now exists because people can’t be trusted

Just because you can doesn't mean you should

Mayo flavour ice cream now exists because people can’t be trusted
20 July 2018

We’ve seen plenty of great combinations of sweet and savoury foods as chefs begin to experiment.

Without a willingness to get creative with flavours, we’d never have been able to try salted caramel, or hot chocolate with chilli.

However, knowing when to experiment is not nearly as important as knowing when to stop, especially when it comes to new food products.

When is the best moment to stop? Probably just after you decide sliced ketchup needs to exist, but just before you lose it completely and end up selling mayonnaise flavoured ice cream. That’s not a typo.

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Scotland has brought us culinary delights like haggis, deep fried mars bars and the iconic ‘pizza crunch’, but there might be a reason we rarely turn to colder countries for ice cream tips. Yes, we might be in the middle of a heatwave, but that’s no excuse for people doing increasingly strange things with food.

ICE Falkirk, a gelateria north of the border, hit the headlines with its Strongbow Dark Fruits ice cream, but it has since flown to close to the sun – something we can all agree is bad news for anyone whose business is ice cream-adjacent.

Mayonnaise belongs in a potato salad, or perhaps in a sandwich, but there are some things it should never touch.

Mayo ice cream is the clearest proof we’ve ever had that, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

We’re a little intrigued about how people will eat the mayonnaise ice cream, if nothing else.

Will they buy a tub and dip chips in it – chips and milkshake isn’t entirely unheard of, after all – or will they just buy a cone and go to town on the stuff?

What if they fancy two scoops? How does mayo mix with chocolate? Can the ice cream sit sit side-by-side with a fruit sorbet? 

Will it lead to the complete collapse of civilization? We’re not ruling it out.

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