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You can now buy sliced ketchup and there is nothing left to invent

We have a few questions

You can now buy sliced ketchup and there is nothing left to invent
Tom Victor
26 March 2018

Convenience is a wonderful thing, and like all wonderful things, someone has decided to take it way too far.

We’re all living fast-paced lifestyles, and almost anything that can make that easier should be applauded. Almost everything.

Pre-mixed smoothies? Sure, we can get on board with that if it stops us having to waste a few minutes chopping and blending fruit in the morning.

Supermarket pizza? How many of us really have time to roll our own dough?

Sliced ketchup? You what, mate?

‘Slice of Sauce’ is a new creation from American company Bo’s Fine Foods and is, tragically, exactly what it sounds like.

According to their website, the creator of the sliced sauce was experimenting with recipes when she “ended up developing a no-mess, portable condiment that adds a layer to flavour [sic] to anything from burgers and sandwiches to wraps and burritos”.

Okay, first of all, we don’t want to get too preoccupied with the sliced ketchup issue to miss another key point – who is putting ketchup in burritos?

Still, and we never thought we’d be saying this, that’s the least of our worries.

This isn’t about ketchup itself, which is a perfectly serviceable condiment.

We get that it’s designed with the picnic, barbecue and on-the-go snack market as its target, but – and correct us if we’re wrong here – aren’t small bottles of ketchup inherently portable anyway?

Added to that, the idea of sliced ketchup works on the misjudged assumption that people add ketchup to their food for flavour alone, whereas moisture should also play a part.

Think you want sliced ketchup to counteract those soggy desk lunches? Maybe you actually just want a bottle of ketchup at hand, rather than adding the sauce before you set off for work in the morning. You’ll still need a bottle at hand for chips, anyway.

The Kickstarter for the product has already surpassed its £10,590 target, with a pack of sauce soon winging its way to anyone who backs it to the tune of £7 or more.

Okay, maybe we’re wrong. Maybe sliced ketchup actually is the food of the future, and it’ll become a part of everyday life just like Deloreans, Segways and Crystal Pepsi.

Hey, where are you going?

(Images: Getty/Slice of Sauce)