Mastercard's famous logo now looks like a hipster tattoo


Hiring a new design team: £500K. Purchasing enough caffeinated drinks to keep said team creative: £380. Dropping twenty years of tradition by replacing your logo with what looks like a Venn diagram: priceless.

Yep, MasterCard has just gone and replaced that logo you’ve seen brandished on credit cards and advertising hoardings at major footballing events for over two decades with a much more minimal effort.

Those bold letters sitting within the circles? Gone, moved underneath in a more understated way of branding while the colours of the bubbles have been given a more retro hue. The electron like-strip connecting the red and yellow bubbles? That’s also gone, which sort of makes sense given we now live in the era of contactless.

Indeed, designed by Pentagram (though it might as well have been done with the Photoshop blurring tool and some copy and pasting) the logo marks the company's shift into online payment platforms, gently nudging this timeworn wallet-weary symbol into something the bike messengers of Brooklyn can get behind.

Read on for how it's about to take over your life.

  • Mastercard's famous logo now looks like a hipster tattoo

    The one in The Fifth Element was better

    Multipass - right? No? Oh never mind...