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Marvel Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac looks incredible in fight footage

This is going to be an epic Marvel show

Marvel Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac looks incredible in fight footage
Marc Chacksfield
22 March 2021

With The Falcon And The Winter Soldier currently streaming and WandaVision showing just what can be done with Marvel on the small screen, any glimpses of its upcoming shows come with a lot of excitement.

Enter: Marvel's Moon Knight, a story about a merc who is given special powers by an Egyptian moon god. Oscar Isaac is staying in the Disney family and is playing the titular character and we've just been given a great look at his training regime.

As you would expect for a superhero show, there are going to be a lot of stunts and it looks as is Isaac isn't shying away from the hand-to-hand combat part of things.

The footage was posted on the Mad Gene Media Instagram page, run by a production company founded by Isaac and filmmaker Elvira Lind, and we see him spin-kicking his way through a whole load of other stunt actors.

The only disappointing thing about the footage is that Isaac seems to be sporting a man bun but we can't have everything.

Moon Knight is being directed by Mohamed Diab and Ethan Hawke has joined the cast to play the big bad.

Moon Knight was revealed by Marvel in 2020, alongside Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk - it will be one of a number of new Disney Plus Marvel shows coming out in 2022.