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Marvel boss teases that we could see more Black Widow

Will wee see more of Scarlett Johansson in the MCU?

Marvel boss teases that we could see more Black Widow

Black Widow is finally out on the big screen and through Disney Plus Premium Access this week, and while many of us are seeing the movie as a fitting conclusion to the character there could be more to come.

This is according to Kevin Feige who was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet for the Marvel movie, which has been much delayed.

In the interview he is excited for the world to see Black Widow and notes that the movie shows us how diverse the MCU can be at times - and he puts it down to the emergence of Disney Plus.

"I hope what people have taken away from Wandavision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki, and seeing Black Widow soon, is how unique and different all the corners of the MCU can be," he explains.

"That's what Disney+ has given us, is an ability to tell more deeper, further stories that will have ramifications across features and series."

While we will have to wait to see how all of these ramifications play out, it's clear that we are seeing new timelines and events from the MCU from different perspectives. By playing with where and when new shows and movies are set, it does mean that some characters whose fate we already know may well pop back up agin. And this could well be the case for Natasha Romanoff.

Asked if this is the last we will see of the character, Feige doesn't give a definitive answer but does note that if Marvel can work with Scarlett Johansson again, then they definitely will.

"Marvel is always about new beginnings and Scarlett Johansson is such an amazing partner for us," he explains.

"She was a producer on this film. She was the one that brought us our amazing director, Cate Shortland, and I am excited to continue working with her in any way possible if we're so lucky."

Black Widow is out 7 July on the big screen and through Disney Plus Premier Access from 9 July.