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Man of Steel Eyewear

Man of Steel Eyewear

Man of Steel Eyewear

He's one of the most iconic spectacle wearers in history, so now that the Man of Steel is returning to the big screen, it's only natural that he should inspire a new eyewear range.

Designer Warby Parker has just released a collection inspired by the forthcoming summer blockbuster, incorporating two designs. The "Chamberlain" is the more traditional Clark Kent-style thick-rimmed affair, suiting a more angular face, while the "Percey" sports a rounder frame, suitable for a wider face. The former utilises a subtle flick of blue colour, with the latter going for a tortoiseshell look; both retail at $95, including prescription lenses.

While you may not gain our friend's superpowers, they may help you snag yourself a sassy reporter girlfriend.

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Images: Warby Parker