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Man tries to cheat on girlfriend, internet destroys him

Boy does he regret this now

Man tries to cheat on girlfriend, internet destroys him

Just before we get to all the memes and Snapchats and all that millennial jazz, a quick tip: don’t cheat on your girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s not very nice on your partner or the person you’re cheating with, but most importantly, you might get outed on the internet. Getting dragged online, as you all know, is far worse than simply breaking the heart of a ‘loved’ one.

As ‘AJ’ found out recently, when he attempted to set fire to his relationship and cheat with another girl. Thankfully, for us, the girl who he was trying to mack, outed him on Snapchat, and it opened the floodgates for an almighty ripping.

The student, from Ohio State University posted the following Snap to the university’s public group (Buckeye Snaps):

“Don’t say anything//Don’t save the txt plz” = AJ’s famous last words, because it spread like some damn 28 Days Later shit.

Then all the poor, innocent AJs at the uni got involved to assure their girlfriends that it wasn’t them who was being a dirty dawg:

So to avoid any confusion, the original recipient of the mack revealed the full name of the slider to the group, and well, this is the internet, so it wasn’t long before his identity was exposed. It’s impossible to lay low on this here superhighway if you’re doing a cheat, isn’t it?

And lo, the memes did appear:

And a load of other universities jumped on the hobby horse:

So hopefully he’s realised his mistake, but I bet he hasn’t. Who actually learns lessons anymore? I certainly don’t. I’ve had chance and chance again to grow and become a better person as a result of my many errors and you better believe I’m staying exactly the same. If I can draw one positive: at least I’m consistent. 

Never change, AJ.

(Image: Ben White)