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Magnificent beer chart

Magnificent beer chart

Magnificent beer chart

Do you know who said, "He was a wise man who invented beer"? You're darn right it was Plato. We don't care if it's an apocryphal claim, it makes a splendid opening to this piece on The Magnificent Multitude of Beer chart.

The designers at Pop Chart Labs clearly have a bit of a soft spot for a pint of the good stuff: in 2010, they produced the Very Many Varieties of Beer chart, listing the different styles of said beverage. In 2011, they improved upon that with the Very, Very Many Varieties of Beer, which included more beer and added glassware recommendations.

Now they've brought us the staggeringly large (60 inches by 40 inches - equivalent to a considerable window) The Magnificent Multitude of Beer - a mega chart that includes over 500 different individual beers.

Click the image to enlarge and prepare to work up a thirst as you navigate its many links.


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